The Next Update


Time to give you an update on what we have been doing. In short, A LOT of exciting stuff.

Currently (as in today) the plan is to release a BIG update for our game next week. The new update will include 5 new levels with a story, new enemy units, a new trap, balance changes and bugs! Wait, bugs? No no no, bugfixes.

The new stuff!

You have already seen the new slowing trap in the previous blog but for those who missed it here is the concept sketch that we love!

Now that’s a winner!


Now let’s talk about the new enemy units!


The GIANT (name is work in the progress if you have a great idea feel free to write it in comments)!

A slow behemoth of shark that can take a lot of punishment but also has the sweetest smile of them all. Just look at him with that glorious T-pose and his small little hat, cuteness overload! Definitely one of our favourites!

Cutest enemy of them all!


Next one is this chapters boss, General Throl. He is the right hand of King Nerus and a fierce warrior. In his eyes, Aerians are focusing too much on frivolous things and lack warrior spirit to stop the Aquator invasion!


Throls major ability is to give other units around him a speed buff so they can overwhelm your defenses. He smashes his hammer on the ground and lightning strikes all nearby attackers (3 tile radius) which buffs them to move and attack faster (+25%) for 5 seconds and are visually electrocuted

And that would be it right now. We won’t show any new levels just right now because in our eyes seeing them for the first time in-game is a more rewarding experience. Also, we can’t comment on any bug fixes or balance changes right now because even if the update should be only week away things can change!

But there is one more thing we should add. We are thinking (not promising anything yet) about streaming/showcasing on Steam all the new stuff next Friday when the update hits Steam. So get ready for that! Sweet Mother of Fishes knows that we aren’t!


See you next time!
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