Poznan Game Arena

A quick update for everyone.

Next week, during 12-14 October, we will participate in Poznan Game Arena expo (PGA and no, we are not talking about golf). Where we will showcase our newest game Seacurity Breach. Some of you might have a question, what is PGA? What is it all about? The short answer. Poznań Game Arena is Poland’s biggest and most important video game and entertainment expo. With nearly 73.000 visitors, 1100 Polish and foreign journalists, 1500 game booths and 43.000 metres of exhibition space.

Currently, we are really busy preparing for it so everyone there can have an amazing time and they fall in love with Seacurity Breach. But don’t you worry. During the expo we are planning to be active on social media (mainly twitter) and when we get back home there will be a decently sized blog post about our experience.

Keep your eyes open on our tweeter feed, you might see something interesting there.

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