New Trap WIP

Time for a quick update!


While we are working on several aspects to improve our game (balancing, new enemy unit, story etc) not everything would be an engaging read. Because of that, let’s tease you with a new tool in your arsenal!

We always want to give players a chance to have meaningful choices when it comes to how they want to tackle our levels. Or to have the ability to develop their own playstyle using their favourite defence mechanisms. And thus far we were missing one of the Tower Defense game classics – slowing aura.

We are happy to say, that it’s no longer the case. Well… we are working on adding it.


First designs concept.

Something simple to understand, a noxious mushroom that emits gasses that would slow Aquator units.


But because we wanted for it to work similarly to our Dmg booster aura (click on it to activate it for a limited period of time) we had to add a mechanism that ‘forces’ the mushroom to emit those gasses.

Quick sketches for ways it could work.

But it didn’t feel unique enough and then a silly but awesome idea was born.

Winner winner chicken dinner!


Now that’s something different! A chemist that is ready to put his own health at danger just to protect his home!

And because we are awesome a WIP gif of the animations

Up and down, up and down!

See you next time!
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