Level Editor Showcase

September 28, 2018, was an exciting day for our studio and our newest project, Seacurity Breach. We had an amazing opportunity to participate in European Researcher Night event, organized by our friends, Rēzeknes Academy of Technology. They offered us a chance to showcase our newest game and it’s level editor. In short, it was an incredible experience!


Majority of you might not know this but on October 12-14 we will participate in PGA (Poznan Game Arena) expo but more about that next week. So this was an important chance for us to receive an extra round of feedback before we fly to another country and showcase our game to THOUSANDS of people. And feedback we received. While, in general, people really enjoyed their time with the game and our level editor tools, there were some issues. Starting with some UI elements, general ease of use, level editor issue etc. There were aspects of our level editor that people understood instantly, some things we needed to explain and some stuff just broke. Well, that’s the risk you take when you are showcasing an unfinished product.


Was it worth it? Of course! Let us teach you an important lesson. If you are planning on developing a video game or you are already doing it. GET FEEDBACK FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES. Don’t just ask opinion from your friends and family. Often enough they will go easy on you and that’s not what you need. You need to hear constructive criticism, the truth about your games state. Sometimes it will be painful, other times it will bring you a clearer focus. But you definitely can’t just skip on feedback. There can be things that you have overlooked for some time thinking, ehh that isn’t important, yet. This looks fine to me. UI is acceptable, I understand it. Or something similar. And that’s the issue. You know your game, you understand the mechanics of your game BUT can a new player understand everything? And that’s a question for a fresh set of eyes.


But as with everything in life, don’t overdo it. Don’t just create a game dictated by test groups, keep your vision alive. Achieve a balance. Like Thanos would say. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.


No pictures this time? We can’t leave you like that!

The new Beatles!

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