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Game studio in Europe, developer of indie games, now focused on RPG games. Outsource game development provider with an ability to deliver multiplatform solutions.

Place where passion about online and offline gaming sparkles. Committed to create excellent gaming experience and caring about results of our creative and development process.

We believe in direct communication, so please send us an e-mail to margarita@soaphog.com when there is more you want to know, you have an idea to share with us or you feel that we could be the right fit for what you need or dream about.

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    In order to provide our clients with excellent online and offline gaming experience we are ready to create game design and provide high quality game development on platforms upon clients request. At this moment we are devoted to create our own rogue-like dungeon crawler game Rezrog with tabletop aesthetics in Unity.

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    Our team

    Creative director

    Walks in the room with new ideas, passionate about creating remarkable gaming experience. Boosts the team to get to destinations. Challenges our view to world.


    Lead game designer

    One who goes around committed to complete the task on list today and all for tomorrow. The most serious one in the team with gaming passion. @ImantsZarembo


    Lead game artist

    One who pushes pixels, draws lines and has the ability to make beautiful things out of nothing.


    Game artist

    Imagination as her superpower and bookshelves full with comic books, makes her artist from another planet.



    Game tester

    Obsessed with games and what goes on “under the hood”. Jack of all trades.



    Calm guy, usually found playing or developing games and listening to rock music. Fan of Steven King books.



    Calm outside, beast inside. Fantasy RPG maniac. Practices voodoo game development.



    The most quiet one of all development team. In fact, he’s so quiet he may be simply a figment of our imagination.

    Latest news
    Rezrog is out on Steam

    We’ve come a long way, crawled numerous dungeons, reinforced ourselves with magical gems to defeat countless enemies…

    All this, to finally proudly present you Rezrog, table-top inspired, turn-based, dungeon crawler! Are you brave enough to explore this world, avoid permadeath and restore peace in lands of Rezrog?

    Rezrog in its full glory is available for Windows, Mac OS & Linux.






    Soaphog at Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2016


    As you already may know, Rezrog caught Indie Prize jury attention and Soaphog got a chance to present our roguelike dungeon crawler at Casual Connect in Tel Aviv, Israel on 1 – 3 November 2016. Indie Prize is a scholarship program for up and coming indie development teams who show promise to be future leaders in the games industry (our thoughts exactly on who we are 🙂 ). The event started only a day after GameOn 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania so our schedule was pretty tight.


    Both Casual Connect and Indie Prize were held in The Culture Palace or Charles Bronfman Auditorium, the biggest concert hall in Tel Aviv, Israel. For three days on two floors exhibitors from larger and smaller companies as well as indie game developers presented their companies and projects, attended meetings and lectures and voted for Indie Prize participants. 14917154_10154127855087099_2540372368562990601_oOur main goal was to showcase Rezrog at event’s Indie Prize area. We also managed to attend a few lectures and enjoy afterparties in the first two days of Casual Connect. But the third day was the most exciting one because Rezrog was nominated for Indie Prize the Most Innovative Game. The prize went to Wrath of Loki by The House of Fables though (congratulations!).20161101_125130

    In conclusion, it was a good opportunity to get introduced with Casual Connect events, although the games and companies presented were mainly related to mobile gaming. Our studio once again expanded Rezrog presentation borders and we got to see a country and event new to us thanks to Indie Prize scholarship! That was our last big trip this year and we’re already looking forward for next year events to visit.



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