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Game studio in Europe, developer of indie games, now focused on RPG games. Outsource game development provider with an ability to deliver multiplatform solutions.

Place where passion about online and offline gaming sparkles. Committed to create excellent gaming experience and caring about results of our creative and development process.

We believe in direct communication, so please send us an e-mail to margarita@soaphog.com when there is more you want to know, you have an idea to share with us or you feel that we could be the right fit for what you need or dream about.

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    In order to provide our clients with excellent online and offline gaming experience we are ready to create game design and provide high quality game development on platforms upon clients request. We’ve already released our own rogue-like dungeon crawler with tabletop aesthetics Rezrog in 2017 and now we’re working on exciting new projects.

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    Our team

    Creative director

    Walks in the room with new ideas, passionate about creating remarkable gaming experience. Boosts the team to get to destinations. Challenges our view to world.


    Lead game designer

    One who goes around committed to complete the task on list today and all for tomorrow. The most serious one in the team with gaming passion. @ImantsZarembo


    Lead game artist

    One who pushes pixels, draws lines and has the ability to make beautiful things out of nothing.


    Game artist

    Imagination as her superpower and bookshelves full with comic books, makes her artist from another planet.



    Game tester

    Obsessed with games and what goes on “under the hood”. Jack of all trades.



    Calm outside, beast inside. Fantasy RPG maniac. Practices voodoo game development.



    The most quiet one of all development team. In fact, he’s so quiet he may be simply a figment of our imagination.

    Latest news
    Soaphog at Unicon 2018

    Unicon is an awesome convention that brings together game developer, comics fans, cosplayers, content creators, gamers and more! This year UniCon was open for two days, August 4th and 5th.

    This year Unicon was bigger than ever. Each day from 12PM to 8PM everyone had an opportunity to get exclusive merch from fair, take awesome pictures with cosplayers and get tasty japanese snacks, badges, posters, t-shirts and artwork from traders, get their hands on the latest latvian game developer games. To see more of Unicon, click on one of the links below:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Soaphog attended Unicon as a part of Latvian Game Development Association stand with several other game development studios and single developers.This was a great chance to let players with different skills and different gaming preferences to test our game. This is not the first time we are attending Unicon, but we were s. We are very thankful to everyone who tried our game – Seacurity Breach.

    Seacurity Breach:

    • It is a story driven tower defense game. Blissful life in Solarimere archipelago is in danger. Barbaric Aquator tribe is invading peaceful Aerian lands! Join officers of Queen Albina in their struggle to repel Aquator invasion.
    • You have to fight off loads of different enemies using various defensive structures.
    • In this game levels are designed to take full advantage if vertical space in 3D environment. No more flat surfaces!
    • In this game you can create your own levels and share them with the community on Steam Workshop.
    • Puns… More puns than you could even imagine in a  single game.

    Latvian Game Developer Association offered visitors to play following games made by local game developers:

    You can see more of Unicon 2018 gamedev fair in Gamedev.lv  Facebook page!

    We had a great time with other members of Lavian Game Development Association – especially with developers of Rough Rush (this one was definitely our favourite, besides Seacurity Breach of course 😉 ). Visiting Unicon was definitely worth it! We are hoping to be there next year too.

    Latvian Game of the Year 2017 Awards

    Yesterday, on 10th of January, GameDev Meetup was a bit different than usual as Latvian Game of the Year 2017 Awards were awarded. This year Latvian Game Developers Association received about 40 games to choose from. The only 2 criteria for a game to apply were being published in 2017 and a developer/studio to be registered in Latvia.

    This was a third Latvian Game of the Year event and it seems that “3” is a lucky number after all. Soaphog game studio now is a proud winner of 3 awards out of 5 it was nominated for with Rezrog. Rezrog, roguelike dungeon crawler released in summer of 2017, won Best Graphics and Best Computer Game awards along with the most important one – Game of the Year. The celebration in lands of Rezrog may begin!


    Congratulations to other winners – Bearslayer with Best Sound,  Adventuring Gentleman with Best Gameplay and Bacterial Takeover with Best Smartphone Game.

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