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Game studio in Europe, developer of indie games, now focused on RPG games. Outsource game development provider with an ability to deliver multiplatform solutions.

Place where passion about online and offline gaming sparkles. Committed to create excellent gaming experience and caring about results of our creative and development process.

We believe in direct communication, so please send us an e-mail to jurgis@soaphog.com when there is more you want to know, you have an idea to share with us or you feel that we could be the right fit for what you need or dream about.

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    In order to provide our clients with excellent online and offline gaming experience we are ready to create game design and provide high quality game development on platforms upon clients request. We’ve already released our own rogue-like dungeon crawler with tabletop aesthetics Rezrog in 2017 and now we’re working on exciting new projects.

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    Our team

    Creative director

    Walks in the room with new ideas, passionate about creating remarkable gaming experience. Boosts the team to get to destinations. Challenges our view to world.


    Lead game designer

    One who goes around committed to complete the task on list today and all for tomorrow. The most serious one in the team with gaming passion. @ImantsZarembo


    Lead game artist

    One who pushes pixels, draws lines and has the ability to make beautiful things out of nothing.


    Game artist

    Imagination as her superpower and bookshelves full with comic books, makes her artist from another planet.



    Game tester

    Obsessed with games and what goes on “under the hood”. Jack of all trades.



    Calm outside, beast inside. Fantasy RPG maniac. Practices voodoo game development.



    The most quiet one of all development team. In fact, he’s so quiet he may be simply a figment of our imagination.

    Latest news
    Seacurity Breach is out on Steam + first impressions

    Well, we have been silent. Sorry about that but we have a good reason for it. THE GAME IS OUT (2 days already)!!! So if you haven’t grabbed your copy go to https://store.steampowered.com/app/906660/Seacurity_Breach/

    But that’s not all. Some people have already played it and loved it. We have seen some smaller twitch streamers checking it out and loving it (except Archers the local gang busting every barricade in their way). Same goes to youtubers. Especially the awesome Lady Shelab and LForward. Check them out!!

    And here is our little announcement trailer, in case you missed it 😉

    See you next time!
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    Facebook: SeacurityBreach Soaphog

    Art Style Progression

    Sorry, we are late! Life can be hectic for game developers, plus we didn’t want to write something similar to what we had already done. Earlier this month we attended GameON convention in Vilnius and it was amazing. But when we started writing about our experience there, well, it ended up being similar to the Poznan blog.

    That’s why this time we are giving your eyes a treat. We will showcase you how Seacurity Breaches art and overall style has progressed, starting with the basic concept.

    Without further delay, enjoy the first image.


    The first concept

    As you can see, it looks ‘slightly’ different. Extremely minimalistic and clean. All in all, still a strong look. But that’s not all. In the beginning, it was still the good old fantasy setting (luckily we have moved on to a more interesting idea).

    Heavyweight Orcs vs Puny Humans

    More concept images even show us that we were also doing the tried and true method of Tower Defense games. Made popular by giants like Kingdom Rush. You would be forgiven if you said: It looks like a low-poly version of it.

    A simple plan of making maps more decorated, realistic feeling.

    Now let’s take a look at some early enemy and defender ideas. We still think that they are awfully cute. Knights vs Cactus Orcs!!!

    Low poly knights Cactus orcs

    Like you can see, no fish in sight, yet. But we knew, to stand out of the crowd you need to have something extra. You can’t be just like everyone else. There is an ‘indiepocalypse’ happening after all.
    And that’s how we ended on idea about islands with verticality. We haven’t seen anything like that before, so let’s do it!

    Now, this looks like a floating island in the sky.

    So we have these island and you can still see that our defender units are humans. That didn’t feel right. You could say that they didn’t fit the setting. After some deliberations, we decided that fish ‘people’ (Aquator Tribe) will try and attack native islanders bird ‘people’ (Aerians).

    First concept for Aquators and Aerians

    Now that everything was in place our first REAL island was ready to be created. At that point, we were still using props that were made for the concept and wouldn’t end up in the final product. But this was the ‘blueprint’ for the future of our game and it’s graphical style.

    “Blueprint” island

    And that’s it, folks. I hope you enjoyed this look into how our game progressed from the first concepts to this stage to this point and we hope that you will have a blast playing it!


    See you next time!
    Don’t forget to follow us on social media.
    Twitter: SeacurityBreach Soaphog
    Facebook: SeacurityBreach Soaphog

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