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Game studio in Europe, developer of indie games, now focused on RPG games. Outsource game development provider with an ability to deliver multiplatform solutions.

Place where passion about online and offline gaming sparkles. Committed to create excellent gaming experience and caring about results of our creative and development process.

We believe in direct communication, so please send us an e-mail to jurgis@soaphog.com when there is more you want to know, you have an idea to share with us or you feel that we could be the right fit for what you need or dream about.

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    In order to provide our clients with excellent online and offline gaming experience we are ready to create game design and provide high quality game development on platforms upon clients request. We’ve already released our own rogue-like dungeon crawler with tabletop aesthetics Rezrog in 2017 and now we’re working on exciting new projects.

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    Our team

    Creative director

    Walks in the room with new ideas, passionate about creating remarkable gaming experience. Boosts the team to get to destinations. Challenges our view to world.


    Lead game designer

    One who goes around committed to complete the task on list today and all for tomorrow. The most serious one in the team with gaming passion. @ImantsZarembo


    Lead game artist

    One who pushes pixels, draws lines and has the ability to make beautiful things out of nothing.


    Game artist

    Imagination as her superpower and bookshelves full with comic books, makes her artist from another planet.



    Game tester

    Obsessed with games and what goes on “under the hood”. Jack of all trades.



    Calm outside, beast inside. Fantasy RPG maniac. Practices voodoo game development.



    The most quiet one of all development team. In fact, he’s so quiet he may be simply a figment of our imagination.

    Latest news
    Code Week EU

    A lot of you might not know what is Code Week EU, so let’s start there. EU Code Week is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creativity, problem-solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show young, adults and elderly how you bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn.

    And this is where we and our game Seacurity Breach comes into play. Some of you might remember that we had a chance to showcase our games level editor tools during European Researchers night. While the audience for that particular event was on the younger side, it was a valuable experience for us. We received a lot of valuable feedback. So when RTA (Rēzeknes Tehnoloģiju Akadēmija) offered us a chance to participate in Code Week EU, we were more than happy to do it.

    This time we were better prepared, we had already done this before! We are happy to report, that it was a smashing success. A lot of working (not all though) levels were created, some minor issues found, everyone had fun and, most importantly, we got screenshots for you! But one thing before we show them to you. Keep in mind that those levels are created by people who are not necessarily gamers, who haven’t had any real experience when it comes to creating levels or they might not even know how a tower defense game works. And that’s the main point for Code week EU, to educate people about code, software and technology in general.

    And now enjoy our top 3 favourite levels and a collage with the rest of them.

    Lovely island!

    This looks like a nice, safe island, we could just live and chill there.

    Small port

    An island that’s split in half!? That’s new.

    This has everything!

    We see GOLD!!! We are rich!

    Aren't they beautiful?

    We love all of these levels

    See you next time!
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    We are Back! Home Again!

    Back from where? Poznan Game Arena (PGA) and Game Industry Conference (GIC 18) and let us tell you one thing. We loved it!

    This year it set a new attendance record for attendees at both halves of the trade show. 76,199 fans from all over Europe made it to the Arena this year to check out games in 11 separate pavilions including three pavilions dedicated to the GIC conference.

    Poznan 2018 crowd

    And this is just the Indie section!

    And somewhere in there was an AWESOME Latvian Game Developer Association stand where we were showcasing our game Seacurity Breach alongside our friends Coldwild Games (Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story) and Nils Jakrins (Flashing Lights). During the 3 day period, hundreds of gamers had a chance to try out Seacurity Breach and give us feedback on it. Praise the game or offer critique about some elements of the game. All of it valuable, to some degree. Oh, we can’t forget bugs, best Q&A service in the world! It was a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone, even if at the end of those days our legs/feet were in shambles.
    We might have said it before but there is a special feeling when you see someone enjoying a game you (your team) have spent countless hours working on. We wouldn’t be lying by saying that this is why we (at least some of us 😁) are in this business. Most importantly, it all was worth some hurt feet, legs.

    Seacurity Breach stand

    Setting things up.

    Seacurity Breach stand, having fun

    People enjoying our game, heartwarming😍.

    We, also, had a chance to meet a lot of industry veterans and other awesome people in our industry during the GIC 18 meetings. Those talks were filled with creativity and a mutual love towards the gaming industry, business and games themselves. During them a lot of valuable lessons were learned, new business contacts created and new friendships made.

    And that was PGA in short. Three hectic and busy days surrounded by gamers and developers all celebrating the same hobby. Creating lasting memories and meeting new and old friends alike. If you have time to visit PGA next year, we fully endorse it and who knows, maybe we will meet you there.

    See you next time!
    Feel free to follow us on social media
    Twitter: SeacurityBreach Soaphog
    Facebook: SeacurityBreach Soaphog

    P.S. We wanna say the biggest possible thank you to Lukasz Wolonkiewicz aka our favourite person in Poland. When we had some issues during the PGA he was always more than happy to help us out and be our Polish Superman!

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